About the files

The files found from this page cannot be used without explicit permission of the board. All files are under copyright of Linux-Aktivaattori.

Banners and banner buttons for your site

took the liberty to include a section on banners and banner buttons for people who want to link to Linux-aktivaattori and use an image for that purpose. I attached two banner buttons I quickly created. They’ll be updated upon receiving feedback and improvement suggestions.

The attachments for this section are prefixed with banner or bannerbutton, whichever is the case.

House-style files

GDM-linux-aktivaattori.tar.bz2 131 K
Linux-Aktivaattori_logo.tar.bz2 373 K 33 K
Linux-Aktivaattoriversion1.2.template 446
Turuxi_presentation.sti 17.9 K
bannerbuttonLinux-Aktivaattori_logo.jpg 9.3 K
bannerbuttonLinux-Aktivaattori_logo2.jpg 7.5 K
gnome-splash_linux-aktivaattori.tar.bz2 76 K
linux-aktivaattori-tshirt-design.tar.bz2 279 K
membership_card.xcf 469 K
membership_card_empty.png 1.4 M
membershipcard_backside.glabels 535
membershipcard_front.glabels 59 K