Projektien ja työryhmien selkeyttäminen

Project, Working Group clarification

This page describes a proposal for clarifying the distinction between a project, a working-group and its transition. This will remain a proposal until it is discussed at the next general members meeting. Its main purpose is to create clarity in process and terminology.



The following are characteristics of a project:

  • One or more people
  • Vague ideas or well-defined goals guide the actions
  • Can be dormant for months
  • No need for a defined organisation, except for a leader
  • Can be under a working group
  • Basically an idea that has moved into action
  • Concentrates on action, doing things

For example creating a live-cd is project, as it is probably short-lived and has a clear end to the project.

Start of a project

Starting a project only needs an idea and somebody willing to make the idea a reality.

Working Group


The following are characteristics of a Working group:

  • Needs a group of at least 3-5 active people
  • Is organised around regular or planned meetings
  • Has a formal leader
  • Has defined a process to choose the leader
  • Has clearly stated goals
  • Should be active enough not to fall dormant for extended periods
  • Long-term effort
  • Concentrates on organisation
  • Can initiate and run projects to concretely do things

For example Turuxi, which is a local User Group, is organised as a working group as it is a larger ongoing effort.

Transition from Project to Working group

When the project gains enough traction and enough active participants (3-5) the participants can together with the board decide to create a working group out of the project. The leader of the project will become the leader of the working group unless decided otherwise during the transition. One of the first tasks of this leader is to make sure the goals of the working group are defined.

Transitions from Working group to spin off organisation

The participants in the Working group can decide to go their own way and create a separate organisation if they so desire. Naturally the board of Linux-Aktivaattori will be involved in such decision, but its approval is of course not required.

Working group leaders

Working group leaders are members of Linux-Aktivaattori. They are responsible for setting clear goals, ensure progress is made towards those goals and regularly communicate any progress towards Linux-Aktivaattori as a whole. Working group leaders are also expected to develop the working-group in cases where this is benefifical for the working group itself.

Other issues

Role of the board

The board looks after each project and working group and ensures sufficient communication takes place about progress. The process of choosing a working group leader should take into account that both the members of the working group and the board can accept the decision.

Role of Linux-Aktivaattori

Linux-Aktivaattori provides resources to its projects and working groups fitting with the general goal of Linux-Aktivaattori. Use of available resources by its projects and working groups is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Participation in a project or working group

Anybody, regardless of his membership status, can participate in a project or working group.

General members meeting discussion and conclusion

During the general members meeting on the 5th of June 2004, the above organisational structure was discussed and with some clarification accepted.

Internal structure

Linux-Aktivaattori will continue organising itself around projects and working groups


A project has one or more people working on an idea or issue.

Working group

The following applies to our working groups:

  • Group of active people
  • Has a formal leader
  • Longer term sustained activity
  • Has defined a process to choose the leader
  • Has clearly stated goals
  • Regular communication with the board

Transition from a project to a working group

The project- and board members decide together on forming a working group. Such decision can be triggered either by the project or the board.