Käytäntöjen kehittäminen

Policy development in Linux-Aktivaattori

The definition of internal processes and policy have an impact on the whole of our organisation. Therefore it is important each of us is able to have an influence on policy development. This project ensures any member can participate in this process and shape policy proposal before they are accepted.

Any interested member can participate in the project. Others can vote on proposals during a general members-meeting,


The project’s mailinglist (policy@linux-aktivaattori.org) is used to discuss and finalise policy-proposals. If you want to subscribe to this list, you just send an email to policy+subscribe@linux-aktivaattori.org.

Process for defining policy and process

The following process has been defined by the board (so unapproved by the members at this moment):

  1. A proposal draft of policy or process is posted to the mailinglist (not just an idea)
  2. The proposal is discussed and polished on the list
  3. The completed proposal is taken to the next general members meeting for a vote
  4. If accepted the proposal becomes policy and placed in the policy section on the website
  5. Optionally the board can decide to inaugarate a policy proposal, which is effective until the next general members meeting where a vote either accepts or rejects it. If it is rejected the policy will not be used any longer after the general members meeting.

Process and policy ideas

The following list contains ideas for policy definition, which have not yet been discussed, nor is a draft proposal written for them.

  • Action-list/guide for general members meetings
  • Minimal information available about projects (E.g. group-members, status, etc.)
  • Minimal information available about workinggroups

Current policy proposals

Project and Working Group Clarification

Domain names