The Linux-Aktivaattori Process


Linux-Aktivaattori is a facilitator of ideas and their path from thought to reality. This is achieved by implementing a process and facilitating that process with facilities like web pages, mailing lists, meeting locations and such.


Ideas are the first step in the whole process. Anybody with an idea can sumbit it on a webpage or the discussion mailing list. If one or more people are interested in the idea, and have time to spend on it, a project is formed around the idea.


Projects gather people interested in making an idea into reality, this is facilitated by a project page explaining the idea, a formulated goal and a roadmap towards that goal. Discussion can happen in meetings, whether online or in real life, over mailing lists or in Jabber conferences.

Working groups

Working groups provide a more formalised way of working with a clear goal and roadmap. They have regular meetings and produce minutes about those meetings, and could even start projects fitting within their goals. Although an assessment needs to be made during formation of such projects, whether it should become a Linux-Aktivaattori project instead. Each working group has a leader, who is responsible for keeping a working group going and reporting to the board of Linux-Aktivaattori.


When a working group has grown in size, they might have needs for more independency. This hasn’t happened so far, but is certainly a possibility.