Linux-Aktivaattori has a pgp-key which is currently only used to sign pgp-keys of members. This page describes the procedures used to guarantee the safety of the key, and how you can get your own key signed.

Key trust

The secret part of the Linux-Aktivaattori key is burned on a CD-ROM. It will only be used when the key is needed, otherwise it is stored away. When the CD is used, only the root user will have access to its content, for additional security during use. The secret-key is used directly from the CD itself, and won’t be copied to the computer in any way.

The key is properly protected with a 50 character pass-phrase, and its encryption-key is 2048 bits long.

If you want to have its fingerprint confirmed, you can contact Aschwin.

Public key

The public key can be downloaded from any keyserver, its details are:

8BF4C7A8     Linux-Aktivaattori ry (Key-signing-key)
Fingerprint = 3337 9F88 0A94 9924 F3A3 3D1B 1037 EAD8 8BF4 C7A8

In case you don’t want to use a key-server for some reason, you can also download the ascii-armored key directly.

Key signing

If you would like your key to be signed by the Linux-Aktivaattori key, just send your public key to Aschwin. Before he signs it, he will verify it with a key-server and authenticates you and the key either by phone if he knows your voice, or some other way to make sure its really you. After authentication and signing he will upload it to a key-server, list it below and let you know.

Please make sure your Linux-Aktivaattori email-address is added as a user-id (uid), as only those will be signed.

Signed Keys

The following keys have been signed with the Linux-Aktivaattori key:

  • EB04ABDE Aschwin van der Woude
    55AB 3F70 6C6F C345 A3AC D7A1 F2FF C586 EB04 ABDE
  • 1367C67B Nathan Letwory
    A4F5 1295 9F55 838E C50D 43DB A183 93F3 1367 C67B
  • CDF9A01D Wolf Bergenheim
    9AC3 A5A8 87F2 7B9E 7B05 64D8 EF00 2233 CDF9 A01D